Combinations of Sex Toys

Combinations of Sex Toys

Sex is an integral part of human life, for both procreation and pleasure. Today, fewer stigmas exist around sex than ever before. Many adults around the world utilise sex toys during sexy time to fork over more pleasure than possible with only intercourse. Some of the most popular types of sex toys include anal beads, dildos, restraint devices, artificial vaginas, and cock rings.

Today, we will discuss combinations of separate Sex Toys Australia Joujou to help your partner reach the perfect orgasm. Many couples use adult toys on their own to enhance pleasure in the bedroom. These same couples ignore the possibilities of powerful orgasms that combinations of adult toys bring to the bedroom.

Vibrator and Dildo

Vibrators come in many forms: built into panties with remote control devices; wired bullets; built into anal plugs; and virtually any other conceivable form. As such, vibrators can be used for both internal and external use. Dildos, on the other hand, are sex toys primarily for internal use, unless they have vibrators built in – many do.

Start pleasing your woman by gently rubbing the labia and perineum with the vibrator. Take your time in touching the clitoris. After your female partner is fully lubricated, turn the vibrator off and slowly slide the dildo into the vagina. After a few minutes with nothing but slow dildo strokes, apply the vibrator to the upper labia and, eventually, clitoris.

This combination works so well because theĀ Joujou Vibrators thoroughly stimulates the clitoris while the dildo rubs against the g-spot.

joujou vibrators

Handcuffs, Blindfold, and Chastity Device

These two sex toys are most attractive to submissive men. If your partner caters to your every need – whether you know he is turned on by female domination or not – this combination may be ideal for your partnership.

First, turn your man on, near him to orgasm, then stop. Once he becomes flaccid, lock his cock into the chastity device. Offer a deal to your partner in which you promise to unlock him if he puts on a blindfold for a few minutes. Apply the blindfold and begin rubbing your lips – either set of them – around and against his caged cock. Before taking the blindfold off, handcuff him.

Make sure all of your locking sex toys come included with multiple keys. You wouldn’t want your man feeling like he could never orgasm again, would you? OK, I know I would.

This combination of sex toys is the perfect way to submitting your man to anything: washing dishes, cooking, cleaning, I mean anything!

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